Sunday, October 11, 2020

Practical Software Architecture Series (part 2): Scalability

Continuing with the Practical Software Architecture Series, this week I'm releasing the second video in the Software Architecture Course covering scalability basics like horizontal vs vertical scaling, CAP theorem and more. 

In this second video of the Software Architecture Course series, I cover scalability basics and important considerations you need to take into account when scaling a system, like Horizontal Scaling, Vertical Scaling and the CAP theorem.

You will learn how to split the load in stateless and stateful services, load balancing, sharding strategies and replication. 

I also introduce some topics like consistent hashing and other relevant topics.



Don't miss it! 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Practical Software Architecture Series

 Software Architecture is a topics that I'm really interested about, so recently I started a new series of videos on my Youtube channel to cover them. 

In these series of videos I will be doing an Introduction to Software Architecture in a practical way. I try to condense many topics explained by many great authors and add the practicality needed for people first learning it.

I will be introducing concepts like:

- Architectural patterns.

- Layered Architecture

- Scalability and Scalable Systems Design

- Vertical vs Horizontal Scaling.

- Software quality.

- How to approach a new project.

... and many other topics!

The way I will presenting it is while building an every time more complex/complete eCommerce site.

If curious, don't miss the first video in the series:

Computer Science


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