Sunday, May 2, 2021

Introduction to Event Driven Architecture and Microservices

 Hello there! I've been creating recently a new series of videos on my Youtube Channel talking about Event Driven Architecture and Microservices.

If you are interested don't miss them. Here's a list with the description and links to the videos:

Event Driven Architecture Introduction

Introduction video to Event Driven Architecture (aka Message Driven Architecture or PubSub). 

With this video I start the series of videos regarding Event Driven Architecture, also known as Message Driven Architecture or Publish/Subscribe (PubSub) in the most generic concepts. We start covering the concepts, looking into the pros and cons and some examples of how this architecture works. 

In the next videos in the series I will be covering also additional concepts that relate to microservices and some additional software architecture patterns associated to EDA. At the end of the video you will get a clear idea of what is Event Driven Architecture.


The Saga Pattern: Orchestration vs Choreography

Learn about the Saga Pattern in Microservices in order to do distributed transactions, comparing Orchestration vs Choreography. 

In this video, the second in the series of Event Driven Architecture, I explain the complexity of doing transactions in distributed systems, specifically in Microservices. Throughout the video I explain how we move from a single system (monolith) to a distributed architecture using Microservices, how to deal with transaction, explain the Saga Pattern with its two variants: Orchestration and Choreography and how they are closely related with Event Driven Architecture (EDA).



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