These are some of my personal (self-learning) projects I've been working on lately. All these projects are on my GitHub repository. Here's just a brief description of each:

  • Simulation Models System: This is a system/framework that allows the execution of Simulation Models. The framework provides some classes/interfaces that users can implement to run different kind of simulation models. One implemented model is the Personal Economic Simulation Model (PESM) which executes a simulation and generates a possible scenario (up to 3 years) based on 23 parameters. It also generates a PDF report. Technology used includes: Java, Jasper, Hibernate, Postgres, JUnit, JEE, Glassfish, Maven.
  • Reconcile Travel Expenses:  On my recent backpacking trip (2015) through Asia, I often found time consuming to reconcile the transactions from my credit card. I usually had a file with the transactions as I recorded at the moment with local currency and estimated exchange rate, but the bank would register it a few days later with another exchange rate. This changes in amount sometimes made it hard to correctly identify which transaction matched which record. I created a simple Java program that takes my spreadsheet file with my registered expenses, and the bank transactions file, in a given period of time and using the same heuristics I used while identifying transactions, it will create a report with reconciled transactions, non-reconciled transactions and possible matches (when there are more than one possible match for a specific transaction). The app uses: Java, Apache POI (Excel connector), and Maven.
  • RemindMeAndroid: This is a simple Task List manager I'm working on Android as a learning project.
  • RemindMeStudy: This is a project I use to practice different technologies like Spring, HTML5, JUnit and Javascript. If everything comes together, both RemindMeAndroid and this app would connect to the same data server.


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